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Интересно: Discover Distress Embossing Powders with Tim Holtz

Интересно было бы в реале посмотреть, чем отличается результат такой пудры для эмбоссинга от обычной. И жаль, что не все поняла из текста, особенно во второй половине ролика. Тим говорит очень быстро, а мои познания в английском, увы, слишком ограничены.


Случайно обнаружила под видео ранее неведомую мне кнопочку с субтитрами:

0:06has gone on to what some here ranger usually just busting hackers
0:11some basic supplies you need before you started person you're going to need is
0:15non-stick crashing
0:16this is pretty important because we want to protect our work surface not only
0:19from the embossing powders melting
0:21but also from the heat user he took
0:24you are going to use that he talked about this embossing powder
0:28what this is
0:29this doesn't boston powder is
0:31pretty cool consulting foresters colors but it is imap finish in boston condo
0:35with kind of a rough textured
0:37the significance of this though these have released crystals and you'll see
0:40what i mean we actually not theirs
0:42that part of the crystals will never melts and then they'll release from our
0:46service giving us a distressed work we also need some distress in boxing this
0:51is it clear embossing ink that is formulated to work with
0:54distress in boston powders
0:56you'll need a rubber stamp
0:58let's figure out first thing i want to do quickstep
1:01animatic mikey
1:03capitan then you can see this link is pretty shiny so you'll know exactly
1:08where you're helping to make sure you have and i think
1:12we're going to step in that you can step with sonnet agar card
1:15anything that's impossible we'll be fine
1:19what happens in your condition i'm good with that bereft
1:22so more companies are scrap
1:26now this people stay wet for quite a while you probably have a good five
1:29minute open time to get your partners on cell
1:31don't be rushed
1:32one of the key things about using this part of the before you apply it unlike a
1:36regular powders
1:37you do need to shake the jar because we want to mix the release crystals
1:41within the congress
1:45be pretty generous when your plans as well remember all the excesses going
1:48back into the jar i want to make sure i have a real good mix powder and the
1:53release crystals
1:55that here
1:59every government we don't want to flip woman boston and just kind of tap to get
2:02any excess power off
2:04and this stuff
2:05phone back injured
2:14consisted eaten
2:16to manage or cell
2:19to start you can see that of course are part of that and
2:22the interesting thing because of our system of flight directly
2:26then you're using your heat with note these powers unlike regular embossing
2:31these are never going to become shiny glossy like
2:34we used to seeing loss
2:36so the big thing is how do you know when it involves well
2:40the longer you work with this very kind again recognizing that the color well
2:43actually change the dark colors will become darker
2:47the light colors will become lighter that uh... the bright side of this whole
2:50thing is you cannot over in boston's partners in other words you can't keep
2:53them too much
2:56we've been doing this
2:57i'm not sure that you can see two on camera but kind of like right here it's
3:01gotten a little bit darker but you can see this period appear that still
3:05a different color
3:06that's really how you know if these are from out of all the whereabouts on the
3:10focus of the more he had promised life here
3:14it's just a little bit longer
3:17factors that i always make sure that
3:18uh... he's a little longer
3:20and not parcel once you think it started
3:23here some ways to tell them anything is completely lost
3:26first rule
3:27this has to cool completely because unlike regular embossing powders
3:31distressed covers only six once they're cool
3:34another words that this was highly trained up my he can i texted
3:37no matter how hard he did the surface everything will come off
3:40but once he starts cool that's when the adhere to our surfaced so
3:44disconnect and that
3:46coolest paper up it doesn't take very long for the papers cool and then i'm
3:49going to test it with my finger and what i'm actually
3:52feeling for as i want to make sure that these palace kinda gripped my finger
3:56should feel a little bit like sand paper which is kind of man are feeling better
3:59it should be sandpaper verses what i would say sent on the beach meaning if
4:03you touch it
4:04and your finger slides across everything you can go back and apply more heat
4:08but i feel pretty good this is done so
4:10let's remember to release crystals to do that
4:13lay your hands flat and wiper cross remember this is a rough texture kind of
4:17like sand paper so
4:19units back and forth so much
4:22from this is going to remove a car business crystals here's the thing you
4:25really don't know much control as far as where your release crystals are for how
4:30many are going to fall off basically kind is what it is
4:33these are your crystals
4:35so once you crystals are removed it won't continuously fall-off
4:38part is going to stay
4:40par calls up that's the beauty of distress and see how this is kind of
4:44warn kind it'd look
4:45very very cool
4:47these crystals
4:48we do not say them
4:49promoci because if you put them back in the chart
4:52you're going to mix up the ratio of crystals and you'll be left with
4:56consciously this christmas and a new york embossing
4:59anything stuff
5:00famous what's up
5:02what we did it as well
5:03i don't believe
5:05adding a little pink it's not worth thinking it's not worth doing so
5:09for integrity planning tool justin distressing
5:12for democrats will run on their own remember in the working from our
5:15crapshoot poster that you want a crap shoot
5:18flood-stricken motion
5:20to starve recently gone there
5:23for like about working with some contest in kansas is really a great way
5:27to make your image potluck style of up to stressed how does that work
5:31hand-in-hand with distressing
5:36some color
5:38little darker oakland
5:42along the seine river squares
5:46and get your own start from your craft cheap
5:50weekly free hand when it comes to just pulling inc
6:00and remember with stressing we can't even stand for this so you didn't want
6:04to add another ten minutes
6:05on top of the but but but but but
6:08seasonal fired first understandable
6:14we can take this would stand that
6:16image and the pressure 'cause remember you're going over the texture
6:19right up the side so
6:20there we have a time when i really like about this and now you know you can't
6:23feel through the computer screen that
6:25the great thing is is and i think here that
6:29has is rough texture
6:31very warm very wet and very distressed so one of the variation
6:36i want to tell you about his
6:37you can see here where it's kind of clear
6:41and it shows the color of the paper
6:42that's because we worked with the clear distressed embossing
6:48distressed bank is also in embossing ink so
6:50i could've technically stamped with fire threat
6:54embossed with my vintage photo and when i read this off instead of being clear
6:59it would've been rendered its a half hour limit color combinations work with
7:03distressed update is
7:05gives up a chance to play with these it may not work exactly what you think you
7:08first if you've never tried it out trendy and take the time to it
7:13cooler properly and then of course
7:15explore the possibilities
7:16thanks for watching

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